Students enjoy additional classes that facilitate sportsmanship, culture and arts.

In addition to the traditional school curriculum, Timothy Christian Academy recognizes the importance of learning about music, art, and physical exercise. We believe the study of arts contributes to student performance in the classroom, and children can find their individual voices as they participate in active, artistic group endeavors.

Extensive Music Program (Pre-K – 8th Grade)

Mrs. Anna Hobbs uses Kodály-based methodology to teach the music program at TCA, which helps students listen and move to assorted styles of music from various composers throughout history. They will discover the basic elements of folk dances from countries around the world while also learning how to analyze and describe music.

Students will eventually get a chance to either choose a tonal or rhythm instrument to play, or to learn or to sing. All 3rd Graders will learn to play the recorder.

General Music

Students will learn to match pitch and use their singing voices. They will also learn to move to music and perform the beat of the music on classroom instruments.

Grades K-4
During these years, students will develop their independent singing voice to either perform alone or with others on various rhythm and tonal instruments.

They will also begin training in music analysis and description while also learning the basic elements of certain cultural folk dances.

Grades 5-8
Students will continue to learn additional elements of various folk dances, which will teach them about other cultures. They will also continue development of their independent singing voices and learn to sing in parts with others.

At these stages we will develop the ability to compose and arrange music within specified guidelines while also evaluating music and performances.

After completion of these stages, students should be able to understand music in relation to history and the other arts as they begin to master musical form and structure.

String Ensemble (Grades 4-8)

String Ensemble is open to students who desire to play Violin, Cello or String Bass in a collaborative setting. They will learn to perform music from a variety of styles and composers. Students will also collaborate to produce concerts at Christmas and in the Spring.

Band (Grades 4-8)

Band is open to students who desire to play a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument of their choice in a collaborative setting. They will learn and perform music from a variety of styles, composers and stages in history.

Students will also collaborate to produce concerts at Christmas and in the Spring.

Chorus (Grades 1-4)

This vocal ensemble is open to students in grades 1-4, and runs from September-December. Students have fun learning how to read choral music and healthy singing techniques as they perform holiday music in the TCA Christmas Concert.

Select Choir (Grades 5-8)

This option is open to students wishing to focus on vocals as they learn to perform various musical selections, including holiday music and show tunes. The Select Choir will perform in both the Christmas and Spring concerts, as well as off-campus performances periodically throughout the year.

Select years may include a choir trip (requires parent permission).

Beginner Piano (Grades 1-8)

This introductory class is for students who have not previously studied piano or taken lessons. Students will have group piano lessons during school hours with the music teacher, Mrs. Hobbs, once a week. They will learn the basics of reading music as well as learning practical piano skills using both hands.

Students will also participate in a Spring recital.

Those who elect to take Beginner Piano must have a piano or keyboard at home so they can complete their required daily practice time.

Spring Musicals

The Spring musical is a required elective for all students in Grades 1-8. Students in Grades 5-8 have the opportunity to audition for a speaking/acting role, where they will learn the basics of acting, drama, staging and blocking.

Physical Education (PE)

1 Corinthians 6:19 states, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you are bought with a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies”

Physical education is an important component of the TCA program as it provides students with a platform to not only appreciate their bodies and the abilities given to them by God, but to also learn and grow in strength and skills as they mature physically, mentally and spiritually.

Elementary PE focuses first on the basic principles of physical fitness including the development of movement skills, improvement of overall coordination and the establishment of fitness levels. As students begin to develop basic motor skills they start to use them in simple low organizational games. Age-appropriate games and activities provide students with practice in following directions and developing good cooperation and sportsmanship preparing them for competitive sports and for reaching greater fitness levels.

Middle school PE reinforces and builds upon basic physical fitness skills as students learn fundamental movements and skills necessary for team sports and begin to develop proper sportsmanship and attitudes towards teammates, officials and opponents. Organized games and activities in the middle school PE program further develops knowledge of various team sports and seeks to improve upon the necessary skills to be productive in life as well as team sports.

Art (K-8)

During Art class, K-8 students are able to freely use their imaginations and express on paper or project what they are seeing in their minds. They are taught to make their drawing come to life!

Spanish (K-8)

Grades K-4
Students receive an introduction to the Spanish language in a once a week class. Students learn words and phrases in Spanish and also about the different cultures that include this language.

Grades 5-8
Rosetta Stone Language Foundations: Spanish Fundamentals (Levels 1-5 available)
Students with limited or no exposure to the Spanish language are able to develop everyday conversational skills through this classroom format of the Rosetta Stone software. Students progress at their own pace, beginning with Level 1. Each level provides opportunities to review and retake units and levels in order to achieve an appropriate level of mastery. Their learning follows with them as they progress from grade to grade. This program allows for a uniquely designed, guided, self-paced environment that focuses on grasping the fundamentals of the language through speech feedback and live tutoring.

Computer and Library (Elementary)

Students in K-4 have a weekly library time where they are able to visit and browse the library for books to take home for the week. Books are also read to them during this time expanding their exposure to various genres of literature while providing an opportunity to further develop in their love of books and reading.

In addition to library time, students in Grades 3-4 begin to learn touch typing skills while using student computers in the media center. Online student-friendly programs are used to provide an interesting and enjoyable format for students to hone their keyboarding skills. These skill-building exercises provide an important foundation for students to develop accuracy and speed in typing as it also readies them for research and writing skills, as well as instruction to come in their further studies.


Chapel provides a wonderful, enriching time for students to gather and learn about God and His Word, and to worship the Lord together in song. During our weekly chapel time for each age range, students hear from different teachers, assistants, and invited guests who provide a Bible lesson and are encouraged to apply the principles to their own lives.

Preschool Chapel
Preschool classes gather together at this time to learn more about Jesus and how He cares about their lives through dynamic worship songs and kid-friendly presentations.

Elementary Chapel
During elementary chapel, students also learn what it really means to serve God. They learn about missionaries, hearing what they do locally and abroad to bring the Gospel of Christ to those in need.

The elementary school supports a missionary and collects an offering each week during chapel to provide support to this missionary. The missionary often visits the school and tells the children about their ministry and how they can pray for and support what they’re doing for God.

Middle School Chapel
Middle school students are encouraged to put their faith into action by tangibly supporting a missionary locally or abroad. Students are given opportunity to think out how they can serve God and others by using the gifts and resources given to them.

Students become more aware of their own relationship with God during the middle school years and are encouraged in chapel to not only develop a deeper relationship with Christ but to also share the gospel with those around them.


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