We know you want only the best for your child

And that is why our teachers make every effort to provide constructive, attentive, Christ-centered education to each and every student

We have fun learning every day! From curious toddlers to inquisitive pre-teens, students are discovering their strengths and interests here at Timothy Christian Academy. When you entrust your child to TCA, you can feel confident that we are taking this partnership seriously. We will always seek to involve student families as much as possible.


Our preschool classrooms use The Creative Curriculum, a well-rounded program that promotes social, physical, and cognitive development. TCA also pursues spiritual growth, and it is woven within each area of development. We hope that each child develops a true love for learning and—most importantly—a deeper understanding and love of Christ.

elementary school


In Kindergarten, students learn how to read and write and understand basic mathematical operations. This type of learning, in a more structured environment, is a new experience for the kindergarten student. To facilitate this process, interactive lessons are interspersed with hands-on learning, movement activities, music, as well as more traditional activities involving tracing, writing, identifying, and counting.  Special trips and events are also used to make learning fun and meaningful.

1st Grade

In first grade, students are active and engaged in learning—they learn Bible verses and songs with motions, count by jumping, and use their nameplates to figure out math problems. First graders have hands-on learning centers that coordinate with all concepts learned in each subject. Additionally, field trips or special projects bring learning to real life situations.

2nd Grade

In second grade, students finalize their basic reading and math skills. While they continue to work with phonics, they also begin to tackle reading fluency. Students begin to gain independence and responsibility for their progress in school during this year.

3rd Grade

In 3rd Grade students transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Math is expanded into multiplication, we read and write in cursive, and begin looking at the process of research and conduct science experiments. In third grade, we also begin to explore creative writing and different genres in our reading. Responsibility, personal accountability, as well as independent thinking skills are encouraged and strengthened.

4th Grade

Fourth graders are inquisitive and eager to learn! Having mastered the basic mechanics of reading, writing, and math in the primary grades, 4th graders are ready to deepen their academic experience. Creativity and critical thinking are encouraged as students explore the world around them, taking a deep dive into New Jersey history and creating and presenting their own science fair project using the scientific method. Students are provided opportunities to grow and mature in their relationships with their peers while also deepening their understanding of God and His place in their lives.

5th Grade

Fifth grade is the bridge between elementary and middle school. While they are not yet changing classes for every subject, the teacher still provides students with increased academic rigor and room to exercise their independence. They learn to take more responsibility for their learning as they compile portfolios of their school work and participate in student-led parent teacher conferences. The 5th graders join the upper grades for middle school chapel and participate in mentor groups, enabling them to learn from and grow with the older students. They also participate in choice electives including choir and various art and technology options.

Kindergarten – 5th grade Academic Enrichment

Accelerated Reader by Renaissance Learning is a computer, web-based, program that enhances the reading curriculum used at TCA. Students read books on their identified reading level, take quizzes, and earn points towards incentives. Students are able to select books to read from their classroom libraries and students have access to the TCA library and its collection of book titles.  Regular use of this program increases reading comprehension, fluency, and overall achievement.

middle school

6th Grade

Sixth grade begins the transition to middle school, moving students away from multiple courses in a single classroom environment to departmentalized instruction in core curricular classes. In addition to specific curricular focus there is also an emphasis in developing the following:

Responsibility / Independence / Social Interaction / Spiritual Growth

Sixth grade can be an overwhelming transition for students as they begin their journey into middle school but, at TCA, they are prepared for this transition through staff who work together – beginning in the 5th grade – to help students assimilate to middle school.  Additionally, TCA’s teachers and older students work with new 6th graders as they adapt to the routine of changing classrooms, learning from a variety of teachers, and managing more rigorous academic requirements that accompany middle school. In sixth grade, the students also dig deeper into their personal spiritual developmment and continue to expand their understanding of biblical worldview.

7th Grade

During this year of middle school, we place emphasis on developing student maturity, working closely with 8th-graders, and continuing growth in academic responsibility and independence.

The 7th grade year is also an opportunity for students to hone their identity as they look at themselves through a spiritual lens and recognize their identity in Christ. Spiritual development and biblical worldview are broaded as the students continue to mature in their faith.

8th Grade

Preparing students for a smooth transition to high school is our main priority for 8th graders. In this grade, students become more independent and responsible, more spiritually mature, and stronger critical thinkers and analyzers.

The robust curriculum and focus on spiritual and character development ready students for the challenges ahead of them. They are taught how to be active participants in their learning, and to take responsibility for their own academic success.  Students are also equipped with strong study skills and become more grounded in their faith. The 8th grade year culminates with a graduation ceremony where students are given the opportunity to reflect on their school jouney and share where they believe God is leading them in their future endeavors. 

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