Kids Discover the Joy of Learning at TCA

Preschool at Timothy Christian Academy is all about giving children an enjoyable, smooth transition into their educational journey, teaching them fundamental academics alongside healthy social and spiritual behavior.

In order to provide the most academically enriching experience for each child, our preschool program is separated into two levels, geared toward:
1. Preschool — Children who will not be entering kindergarten the following year
2. Pre-K — Children who will be entering kindergarten the following year (Pre-K emphasis)


Our preschool classrooms use the Mother Goose Time curriculum, a well-rounded program that promotes social, physical and cognitive development. TCA includes spiritual development as well, woven within each area of development. We hope that each child develops a true love for learning and, most importantly, a deeper understanding and love of Christ.

A preschool student at TCA will be engaged in development in the following areas:

Social Emotional
Language and Literacy
Mathematics and Reasoning
Social Studies
Second Language Acquisition

Each of these areas of development are emphasized within our classroom activities, circle time, centers, intentional playtime and outdoor activities.

Preschool classrooms also enjoy quarterly field trips and special events.

Learning Environment

Each of our classrooms’ centers, circle time and special activities follow the current academic theme while encouraging different types of learning and development.

Exploration Centers (hands-on activities)
Math-based learning
Reading and writing readiness
Arts and crafts
Building centers (blocks, Legos, etc.)
Imagination Stations (dress-up, kitchen, house, etc.)
Classroom book center

Circle Time
At the beginning of the day, each classroom comes together to talk about the daily topic, including the calendar, weather, Spanish terminology for month and day, and review of the month’s academic emphases. We take time to sing or make music, along with creating opportunities for early public speaking, such as show and tell.

Music Integration
Whether it’s active songs in the classroom or during chapel time, music is a daily part of TCA’s preschool experience. The songs we sing, hear and play allow preschool students to remember sound repetitions and develop a sense of rhythm. It can also help them stay active and alert.

Special Activities
Throughout the year we take special trips into the community, such as the local farm or the Garden State Discovery Museum. We also invite “community helpers,” such as police officers and firefighters, to visit the classroom and meet the kids.

Bible-based Learning
In addition to a daily Bible lesson, we integrate a spiritual component into the day’s curriculum and activities. This helps demonstrate to children that Christian values can be applied in everything we learn, including social interactions and play.

Academic Enrichments

In addition to the Mother Goose Time curriculum, our preschool classrooms provide library time, music class, an introduction to Spanish language, physical education (PE), and a chapel time.

Parent Communication

We strive to be easily approachable and accessible for parents. It’s a priority at TCA to stay in good communication in order to truly establish a partnership for your child’s early education experience.

For easy communication during the day, each of our classrooms use the Brightwheel app.

Parents are given an invite after their child is enrolled, allowing them to easily stay in touch with their child’s classroom’s updates, announcements, or to share any noteworthy achievements during a particular day.
There are also two student progress assessments each year, along with parent-teacher conferences in the fall.

Your preschool student will be building a learning portfolio throughout the year, including work samples for each subject and activity.

Our Teachers

TCA’s teachers are fully equipped and trained to teach and manage a preschool classroom. We hire experienced teachers that are committed to Christian education and toward nurturing children into a positive, enriching educational experience.

All classrooms have one teacher and one assistant.

Michele Vadala“Peace” Preschool Classroom
Teacher: Michele Vadala
“I love kids this age because they are like sponges—they soak up everything! Their smiles are contagious and they’re so happy to come to school to learn through hands-on activities. I consider it my mission to make sure their experiences are enriching and diverse.”

Lisa Ford“Love” Preschool Classroom
Co-Teacher: Lisa Ford
“I love watching kids learn. Preschool children developing a context and a foundation for what they learn, and I want to help them build upon that foundation. I also like to embrace spontaneity within our daily routine, with silly events like dragon-and-princess day, necktie and tutu day, and much singing and dancing.”

Sarah SchockPreschool “Love” Class Co-Teacher
Teacher: Sarah Schock
“Children this age think in concrete terms rather than abstract, so I make sure to include practical, tangible examples with everything we learn. This age is also very kinesthetic, so time for play and movement is important. I want kids to be able to have fun developing a broad array of skills.”

“Kindness” Pre-K Classroom
Teacher: Erica Johnson
“Pre-K is a stepping stone, and introduction to the rest of a child’s educational career. I want to make it creative, fun, playful, loving and imaginative while fostering skills such as social development and academic readiness. I also want to introduce a vibrant experience of the biblical world in our daily lives.”

Megan Huntley“Faithfulness” Pre-K Classroom
Teacher: Megan Huntley
“Children at this age are so excited and eager to learn that it is exciting to teach them each day! My goal is to help the children to build a solid foundation in which they can learn and grown mentally and spiritually, while also creating a fun and loving environment for them to blossom.”


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